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Mahima Mohan, LMFT

Welcome! I'm glad you made it here. Seeking help is a courageous step and it's wonderful that you're prioritizing your wellness. I believe the key to a positive counseling experience is a healthy therapeutic relationship with a provider you genuinely feel connected to. Please take a look around to see if what I offer aligns with what you're looking for. I would be honored to support you in your time of need. 

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist licensed in the states of CA, TX, WI, and MT. With over 15 years of experience, I have had the privilege of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds and helping them navigate their healing journey. As a feminist therapist, I utilize a social justice lens and offer a collaborative, inclusive, and intersectional approach to the therapeutic process. I specialize in working with those who have experienced various forms of trauma and am dedicated to creating a safe and supportive experience to foster healing and empowerment.


*Services are virtual at this time.

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